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Soul kitchen carefully sources and cooks your  weekly healthy meal kit

Your meals kits come in 3, 6 or 8 weekly meal packages &   delivered to you.

Each sunday, we select our produce and create a menu based on client meal preferences (gluten free, vegetarian, etc).  We then create three meals (6 meal packages are 2 of each.  8 meal packages have an additional 2 meals).

plan on 0-20 minutes to heat your meal Depending on the meals you receive 

we spend hours in the kitchen to bring Healthy home cooking to your table & to your family.


Soul Kitchen...say no more! It is what the name evokes....soul food....made from the heart and directly to your soul. Thank goodness for the art of cooking for these people bring life with their love, skills and passion to bring great food to good people. This kitchen is all that! Yum! - Rose


Great food. Large portions. Sunday is keeping me alive!

Annie E.

I had one of your pot pies, just after you opened, it was mushroom. I thought it was the best pot pie.... Well, a week later, I had your chicken pot pie, so, I changed my mind, certainly that was the best pot pie ever! Now I have just eaten the best BEEF POT PIE, ever in life!!! Good, Better, Best ... You are " Rockin it"!!!!  BillieLee


Sunday is committed to providing  quality ingredients and carefully cooked meals, giving you time and delicious home cooked meals


We want to hear from you - questions &  feedback are welcome

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