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Part 1: Listening is the new Reading - For the love of food

Since I spend so much time in the kitchen, my hands are often full. and because so often the work is repetitious, my mind is free to wander.

when I have a mind that is free to wander, I prefer to learn and I use podcasts to learn. I get all my podcasts aggregated on Stitcher.

Stitcher podcast smart radio

Because podcasts are branded to find them easily, below you will find the clickable icon for each podcast: you can click and listen. Click on icon to explore.

Bon appetit podcast with adam rapoport, chef interviews, cooking tips

My favorite food podcast is from Bon Appetit. it is very difficult to translate cooking technique to this format, but they succeed. the host Adam rapoport Charms and informs

eater mag podcast of food, food culture and industry issues

I was crushed when the upsell changed hosts, they continue to provide important insight into world of food around the country and the globe. still. #teamhelen

francis lam, the splendid table a podcast for food lovers

"THe Radio show for people who love to eat" is what the splendid table says it is and That's about right. with shows that explore the origins of food and where it is going, the host francis lam brings knowledge and charm to the podcast.

dave chang, david chang creator of ugly delicious, momofuku and majordomo

The episodes on the details of opening a restaurant are fabulous. i find the culture episodes to be a little off track of my interests, but the insider information that dave shares is often worth the wait.

gastropod food science and food history food podcast

"Looking at food through the lens of science and history" gastropod is led by a pair of curious women who ask interesting questions and then find the answer. Highly recommend this show.

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