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Resolving to not make resolutions

A Resolution isn’t enough: But You are.

Each New Year gifts us a with new start. And so we make the Resolution – the elixir of our dreams unrealized thus far. The only thing, we think, that stands between us and our real best self is the willpower to Resolve it true.

The problem with resolutions is so often they come from a space that believes that we are less than - if only we can change ourselves through the magic of a Resolution: that somehow, we believe that we can will our way into being a better person.

I believe that we are already our best selves: we just have to give ourselves the room to dream: knowing that our best self that already lives in each of us. You don’t have to strive to be good: you already are.

That’s not to say that making changes can’t enrich our lives greatly. In my early-40s I moved to the mountains of Mexico for six years. I knew no one. Or Spanish! Sometimes in the noise of a vibrant city and an abundant life, our hearts can't be heard. For me, I was too busy attaining and I wasn't living a life authentic to my soul.

Of course, mistakes were made, time “wasted”. I was feeling a little lost until one day I came across a quote: "How you spend your days, is ultimately how you spend your life".

That is when Soul Kitchen Delivers was created- I realized I want to spend my days slowing down, sourcing my food, cooking and sharing with others by providing lovingly made food.

There was no reason to believe I would do this well: I wasn’t a trained cook, I had never run a restaurant, But I did the thing that spoke to me and with work and training, I could do it well. This year I brought it back to Houston where again I live amongst the noise, but I have found my peace.

I never would have known cooking was my calling, if I hadn’t given myself room to dream. I didn’t resolve it to be true, but I knew it to be true.

That is what I wish for each of us in this New Year, that rather than Resolve ourselves to our best selves, we allow a belief in ourselves and that which is there we will rise to our dreams.

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