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Mise en Place - its not just for dinner anymore!

The term mise en place is a common one in the kitchen (you say it fancy like: “Mi za Plaaas”). Essentially, it means “everything in its place”.

Chefs use this as preparation for a smooth cooking process: all herbs and aromatics chopped/sliced/julienne and ready to go when the kitchen gets hot and busy: or prior to cooking, having your ingredients premeasured and in order.

It makes the heavy lifting part of the cooking process a little less chaotic– making us less prone to forgetting something critical and not wasting precious minutes looking for what could have been prepared.

Having returned to San Miguel and while unpacking box after box, its offered the opportunity to examine periods of my life. In doing so, I start to realize that what is required of me in my life today is to apply this concept of mise en place throughout daily living. And so I am implementing it….its about knowing where something belongs, so that you can always reach back to that place and know that its there, because that’s where you put it.

Its about having that flashlight exactly where you know it will be when there is the inevitable electricity outage in the campo: Its about having the confidence in place that your response can be clear, consistent and calm when someone acts differently than you expected - You would have your mise in place by knowing who you are: you are in your place. (that said - came very close to losing my shit yesterday: the movers went to three different places - two completely unrelated to where I sent the pin of where I lived: done after I waited over an hour for them to get to the entrance, where I said I'd meet them) Then an hour-into-a-ten-minute-drive. I missed my turn while they were following.

Point made - if you don't have your own calm on when others make mistakes: you WILL screw up.

Its about applying this concept on a larger level to my life: morning walks with the dogs

to count the number of balloons (today was a 5 balloon day – a fortuitous omen, for certain!).

san migieul de allende balloon rides

In the process of moving internationally (Twice! In less than two years!), I haven't given myself the the peace of mind that creating a lifestyle of mise en place would give.

So I write, I walk, I do headstands and source my food and clients and soon you'll get menu updates in this newsletter that will reflect the mise en place of Sunday Marie with healthful (or not) and (almost always) delicious food choices for my friends and clients.

We have also updated our website so the entire process can be ordered, delivery scheduled, and you may pay online (we will have a cash option, if that's your preference), this was put in its place to make your experience more seamless: we hope you like it. When I say we, I mean me: there's a lotta balls in the air right now. hence: the need to incorporate mise en place. Deeply.

On that note: if this is not your place of tus: if your interest or location has changed: please opt out using the unsubscribe button below – no hard feelings – but if you know someone who needs to know about our delicious soups and meals: please share with your friends. We look forward to serving each of you. As soon as everything is in its place (about a week 😉).


Sunday Marie

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