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Things people want to know:

1.  What do you offer? 


Soul Kitchen offers chef prepared home cooking.  It is Professionally packaged, frozen and delivered to eat at your LEISURE.   

2.  How do I see what you are offering this week? 


3.  Wait:  I don't understand: what is it that you offer?

Our weekly service is a bit like Blue Apron: EXCEPT WE MAKE IT FROM BROTH TO BOWL.


we take orders and deliver in advance AND DELIVER TO YOU WHEN YOU WANT.  the hours of cooking have been done for you. We cook, package and freeze great home cooking and then we deliver it.  Your complete meal is delivered with instructions to heat and eat and your convenience.

4.  Is it organic & healthy?

It is organic if it is available and it's fresh. Our first objective is local. Then organic and then healthy: we're pleased that those goals intersect more often than not. We never use prepared bouillon or other MSG products: From our stock to the finished product, we spend the hours cooking so that you don't have to.

As for healthy: We use lots of butter and we use locally sourced ingredients.  I RECENTLY heard on NPR THAT healthy fats from butter and meats contribute to a defense against neurological diseases like Alzheimer disease. I don't know that that's true. But I know I'm almost never disappointed with the way what the food we make tastes. And I doubt you will be disappointed either. Plus I hear it'll make you remember where you put your keys ;-).

5.  Soul Kitchen, why are you so expensive?

We charge $15-20 us per meal and offer a two meal minimum. This is because good ingredients come with a cost: and so does my time.

we want to serve you and your family for many years, so we CREATED a business model that allows that. 

 6.  Are there deals to be had around town and the world?

Truly good food isn't cheap. Typically you're eating what you pay for - there are exceptions and I love to share those. If you join the mailing list at bottom of the page, in addition to our weekly menus,  you will receive our blog once or twice per month. 


You can read the blog here Where I share what I feel are the best values in town, as well as other TAKES ON FOOD AND LIFE.

7.  Okay: so I've tried the rest: now I want your home cooking delivered right to my house: How do I order your delicious food?

There are several ways:

1)  To order now, visit our Menu page.

2) To be on the mailing list sign up on the bottom of any page (including this one!) for the signup form: you will receive the weekly menu and new blog posts. 

3) Or, you can like us on Facebook, where we offer updates

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